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about us

1. Fabulous Products Range

We cater a large range of products. From digital negatives to prints, wall art to canvas art within our studio, so you can have everything you need from us.

2. Feel Relaxed and welcome

We provide a friendly and professional environment from the beginning, and right through to the end, of your journey with "Portraits R Us"

3. We meet your affordability

We won't give you any pricing surprises at the viewing session.You will not be disappointed due to high pricing plans. You would know exactly what the price packages are, even before you come to our studio.

4. High-end fine art papers for your prints.

We only print our work with USA made Hahnemuhle fine art papers, which we can archieve best possible tonality. Not only that, Hahnemuhle Fine Art has been producing and selling artist's paper since 1584. Over 425 years of high-end paper producing experience have proven that your portraits last for generations.

5. Feel relaxed and welcome

We give you a friendly and professional enviorenment from the start and right through to the end of your journey with "Portraits R Us".

6. Fast, reliable and efficient service

We guarantee that you will have a fast and reliable photography session all the way to the finished products.

7. 100% Guaranteed

We guarantee your satisfaction. If not, we will simply reshoot your photo session at a later date with no extra cost to you.

8. We are unique... you are in good hands

If your child isn't in a good mood or unwell on the day, we will offer you a free photo session at a later date.