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Corporate Headshots

Professional Headshots - Melbourne

If you’re looking for professional headshots in Melbourne, then contact the team at Portraits R Us. We offer a range of headshot packages starting from just $299.

As one of Melbourne’s most experienced commercial photographers, we understand what makes a good professional picture. Quality headshots need to showcase the subject’s profile while clearly conveying confidence and authority. Stiff, unnatural expressions and awkward postures can affect the professionalism of the picture and negatively affect people’s perception of the subject.

Our master headshot photographer, Tim, will make sure that all pictures look natural and comfortable, while remaining professional. Ensuring you remain comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot, Tim will help you to project your natural charisma, while establishing a pose and demeanor that’s appropriate to your position or industry.

All our headshots are professionally re-touched and designed for use across a variety of mediums and platforms, from websites and networking sites to printed brochures and business cards. 

Our Professional Headshot Packages

We offer a range of professional and commercial headshot packages starting from just $299. Our starter package includes three digitally enhanced images. The images are provided as digital files, including high-resolution (300dpi) images for print media and web resolution for digital uploads. 


Starter Headshot Package

Professional Headshot Package

Branding Headshot Package  

3 Professionally re-touched images

 5 Professionally re-touched images

10 Professionally re-touched images

Up to 3 outfit changes

Up to 4 outfit changes

Up to 5 outfit changes

Total Cost $299

Total Cost $399

Total cost $499


The Best Professional Headshots in Melbourne

At Portraits R Us, we have a team of expert commercial photographers with extensive experience providing professional headshots at the highest levels of business and industry.

We understand how to create headshots that convey authority, professionalism and confidence without coming across as awkward, artificial or overly made-up or processed. We work with you to help project an image that’s appropriate and specific to your business and position.

Whether you’re looking for corporate headshots, expressive headshots for an acting portfolio, or print specific headshots for business cards or marketing collateral, we can help.

Our expert commercial photographers will walk you through the photoshoot process, ensuring you’re comfortable and relaxed. We try to make out headshot photoshoots as quick and efficient as possible to help you get back to work with minimal disruption to your day. 

For the best professional headshots in Melbourne, contact the team at Portraits R Us. To find out more or book a shoot, give us a call today on (03) 8786 7316 or contact us online.