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Plain coloured clothes are ideal for the photo shoot. Heavy logo or patterned clothing will not suit. If you have the same coloured tops for the whole family or some kind of jacket (preferably Denim), you would stand out. Please bring at least three different outfits for each person.

You will have another appointment for the viewing session, that will be approximatly one to one and half hours long. This time, we would reccommend that all the decision makers to be present. From our past experience, we have noticed that children are very hard to handle and would interupt you while you are trying to make these important decisions. We would highly reccommend you to get a baby sitter at the time of your viewing session.

Yes, this is the time we are able to advise you on getting the best from your photographs, so all of the decision makers in the family should be present.

Please call us as soon as possible. We will rebook your appointment at a later date.

You may bring small snack if you want to. Please do not give out food during the shoot, keep them until the end and give it as a treat.

We would just simply do another photo shoot at a later date with no extra cost to you. Or simply give your money back.

Don’t worry, we can help you to get relax and comfortable. You can rely on us, please don’t feel shy, you will get along with us fine. Posing is one of the most important when it comes to professional photographs. They are all unique. We will go through the samples before the shoot. That way, we know exactly what you want.

That’s fine. We will manage to get what you want. You will see the photos at the viewing session, with your skin tone corrected and retouched.

That’s why we are dedicated professionals. We would just rebook your session with no extra cost to you.

You will get a complementary low-resolution digital files with some of our packages. You can make slide shows, upload them on to the social media or even email them to your loved ones.

Yes, but you can only purchase it if you use the pre-paid option.

Choose a size you feel comfortable with and if it you feel it is the wrong size when you get it home we will replace it. This is our ‘right size guarantee’.

If you purchase from print collection, it would take generally a week. If you purchase from the frame collection, wall art collection, or the family album collection, it may take up to four weeks.

Yes, the lay by option can be organized for larger orders. Please do not hesitate to ask us the lay by options, we would be happy to help you.