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Children Photography

Portraits R Us delivers high quality portraits. All portraits are shot in modern studio based in Melbourne's south eastern suburb of Malvern. Sessions with Portraits R Us are very laid back and never rushed so please plan ahead. Understanding things unexpectedly come up with children, time is given in between, if needed. Please do not over stimulate your child and try to make them smile the entire shoot, as this will tire them out quickly. Natural facial expressions are just as cute. It's encouraged to just be your natural selves. If your kids are looking off to the side and laughing away, let them! If they are quiet and not smiling, let them! We wants to capture them as they naturally are. Sessions are done with a combination of natural lighting and studio flashes with a documentary style.Tim is the studio's master photographer. He does sessions according to each child or adult. He will select the best shots to be processed. Each image is then worked with individually to make sure they each meet his high quality standards. All images are retouched to his discretion. All shots are taken in colour so they can later be adjusted to black and white, sepia or other colour treatments.

Tim also gained 'Working with Children Check' licence to accommodate legal requirements of Victoria. Tim is the owner of the Portraits R Us. He is also the father of two beautiful children. He is always admiring his wife's encouragement for his success.