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Portrait photography is about capturing moments and the essence of people in those moments. We avoid the formal 'look here and smile' images, prefering to focus on spontanity, getting those rare shots that breathe life. Portrait journalism allows us to capture you without too much interference or guidance from the photographer. Sometimes we might even get your picture when you're not looking. During your portrait session we will take approximately one hour capturing lots of fun and exciting pictures, there will be no rush to get finished during the session, we enjoy our work and often like to get carried away. We recommend you bring props that are personal to you. When it comes to selecting what to wear, we advise clothing that are in plain colours, that will work well together. Try to select clothing that is a reflection of you, something you feel good in. If you are unsure, we will be more than happy to advise you. Once the shoot is over, we require around one week to prepare your images for viewing. The viewing experience is designed to present your images with ease. There will be no hard sell, this time is an enjoyable experience. Relax and select your favourite images and presentation styles with confidence. In the very unlikely event that you do not like any of the images, you are certainly not obliged to buy any. You can walk away without paying a dollar and you are more than welcome to come back for another appointment.

"It is not just a photo session, it is facing the fact that every woman is beautiful, every single one. It is giving our customers an emotional path to discover how amazing they are, giving them some memories that will last a lifetime"