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Pregnancy - Maternity Photography Melbourne

Maternity Photography Melbourne

Pregnancy photography is a relatively new genre, but it has become increasingly popular over the years. Many women like to celebrate this big change in their life and showcase it ithe most artistic manner possible.

Tim is a pioneer in this genre and has refined his skill over time. He has a background in photojournalism, which allows him to look past just physical appearance and capture the soul of the subject on film. This skill is particularly effective in maternity photography as it ensures the portrait has some character and liveliness.

Maternity Photography - Challenges

This type of photography comes with its own challenges. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to a woman’s body. Some changes they like and some they do not like. Tim takes the time to engage the subjects and understand their feelings about their own body and captivate the miraculous nature of their body in a beautiful and elegant light.

It is not just a matter of highlighting the beauty of upcoming motherhood, but also of ensuring the happiness of the new mother. A beautiful pregnancy portrait is only successful if the mother can look at it and feel both comfortable and beautiful.

Tim uses a combination of techniques and effects to make every portrait unique and artistic. Photographs can be in black and white or sepia tones, which can give the picture a sense of gravity and stillness. It can make the picture more impactful and artistic. We also use different kinds of poses and lighting conditions. Whether you want a solo portrait of the mother or of both parents together, Tim can always find ways to make it perfect and serene.