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Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Compelling Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Boudoir photography is quite challenging, even for the most experienced photographers. Many professionals don’t have the skill or experience needed to keep the subject comfortable during the photography session and bring out their natural sensuality. We offer champagne at arrival to make you relaxed and cut down your shyness. Tim has experience in photojournalism and knows how to look beyond the surface level to capture the organic sensuality of the subject.

We create a comfortable studio environment with a combination of natural and studio lights. This creates the shadows, depth, and dimension needed to take intimate boudoir photographs. Our goal is to ensure the pictures are sexy without looking manufactured or artificial. Tim uses lighting and specific poses to evoke sexual beauty without cheapening the subject. Our portraits look luxurious, raw, and entrancing, which is what most clients desire with such intimate pictures. 

Boudoir photography Melbourne– Emphasis on Your Comfort

Boudoir photography sessions can quickly become uncomfortable and stressful because most clients aren’t accustomed to being open and vulnerable on camera. Tim is an experienced photographer and knows how to ensure clients are completely comfortable.

The photographer will ease you into the session and maintain engagement until you feel comfortable enough to let your natural sensuality shine. We don’t rush these sessions and always focus on the quality of results.