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Boudoir Photography Melbourne

Glamour Photography Melbourne

If you’re looking for fun and friendly professional glamour photography in Melbourne, then contact the team at Portraits R Us.

A glamour photoshoot is perfect for an intimate gift for that special someone or a great way to build self-esteem and body confidence. When it comes to glamour photography, the most important thing is finding a photographer that you’re comfortable with and who listens to what you want.

Our master photographer, Tim, has extensive experience working with professional and amateur models to create beautiful and subtle classical and modern glamour photos. Our first priority is to always ensure that you are completely comfortable and understand exactly how the photoshoot will proceed so there are no surprises.

We always work to see beyond the surface level to tap into your natural beauty and sensuality. We work with a combination of natural and studio lighting to create shadow, depth and dimension. Our goal is to create beautiful photos that capture your beauty and convey an aura of sensuality without looking manufactured or artificial. Our glamour portraits can be made to look luxurious, raw, entrancing or mysterious, depending on what you want from your intimate pictures.

We Focus on Your Comfort

In the wrong hands, glamour photography sessions have the potential to become extremely uncomfortable. Most people aren’t accustomed to being so open and vulnerable on camera, which can make it extremely difficult to relax and project the confidence and natural sensuality that good glamour photos require.

Tim is an experienced photographer who knows how to create a comfortable and professional atmosphere and guide you through the session. Our aim is to help you to project your inner confidence, beauty and sensuality in a way that is natural and completely authentic to you. We never rush our glamour shoots and give you all the time you need to get comfortable and fully enjoy the experience.

For the best professional glamour photography in Melbourne, contact the team at Portraits R Us. To find out more or book a shoot, give us a call today on (03) 8786 7316 or contact us online.